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Blue Girls Turned Gold thanks our community partners and affiliates. Working together as an unit will ensure continuous growth and empowerment of those that need it the most. On behalf of all Blue Girls Turned Gold thank you, there is more to come!

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Founder Bruce George

"The Genius Is CommonTM movement is about tearing down the Berlin Wall of the word genius."

-Bruce George

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Stronger Than my Struggle-Melony Hill

I find Myself constantly trying to explain this to clients. We can not hold on to people, just the memories.

People come into your life for a reason or season, not necessarily to stay. You have to learn to be okay with that. 

 Strategic Human Accountability Consulting

Strategic Human Accountability Consulting

sha (Shh-ah) consulting

Sha Consulting also known as Strategic Human Accountability is an Individual, Professional, Entrepreneur Education resource for anyone desiring positive growth. Sha consulting is an women owned veteran business with the mission of financial growth and stability for their clients. Sha Consulting believes that people of all ages need help, leadership and guidance. Each Speaker and Coach has a passion for helping others grow and to become empowered.

Services Offered:

**Professional Speaking, Empowerment Training, Team Building (Corporate)

      Suggested topics: Effective Communication, Performance Image and Exposure, Paradigm Shift, Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Creative Strategies

**Personal Speaking, Workshops and Coaching (Private)

      Suggested topics: Genius, Effective Communication, Paradigm Shift, Leadership, Performance Image and Exposure

- Coaching (Business & Life)

- 20 ﹰDays to Greatness- Individual or Group

- 1 on 1 Coaching (Choose You)-Individual

- 90 days Experience coaching - Individual or Group

- Custom Career Path Planning and Actionable items

- Creative Strategy

- Virtual Services Available**